I found a cat or a cat found me

I found a cat who found some food
Who licked its paws
Who hissed as if to scare
Who scratched as if to hurt
Who shot me amber eyes of reproach
Simply for offering milk and dry food.

I found a cat and grabbed it with
Gloved hands, locked it in a little room,
“You’ll be mine and no,
those scratches won’t deter me.
I own you now little cat.”
Her response: muted guttural rage.

The cat found a dark corner
Lowered her shoulders and looked
As if she would never love
Another. “You won’t see me eating
your dry food or sipping your milk.
I will do as I please. Now leave.”

I slunk away, a little embarrassed by my need to vanquish
the spirit of a little tiger cat. But the cat,
Only the cat, turned out finished,
And proud and stood up, walked to the bowl
Sipped some milk, licked her paws and me?
I pretended not to see.

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  1. Hi Tom
    Another lovely poem here.
    I love the repeating long “eeee” sounds in the poem — it gives a certain rhythm to your writing.
    And I have a cat, so I connect.

  2. Dear Kevin,

    Thanks for reading the poem. I had fun writing it. Just one of those poems that lurks around, wants to be written and then voila. Not always like that! That’s for sure. : )

    Have a good week.

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